Microwaveable Heated Scarf Therapeutic Organic Flax Rice Heating Hot Cold Pad Pack


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The Handmade Microwaveable Heated Flax Scarf is a Soft, 🍃Heated, Pocketed Scarf for Neck & Shoulders with a Removable Organic Heating Element made from Organic Flax Seed. Microwave, Insert, & Go! Makes a Great Gift! Machine Washable Fleece Outer Scarf, Removable Heatable Therapeutic Flax Hot Cold Pack Interior. Set Includes an Embroidered Fleece Pocketed Scarf color of your choice, Tea-Dyed Cotton Flax Seed Heating Pad Insert that can be Removed & as an All-Purpose Pack, and Flax Hand Warmers. Use the Removable Insert Hot Pad and Cold Compress: -Around Neck -Around Head -Down Spine -Under Arm for Rotator Cuff Treatment -Across Stomach & Legs for Cramps -Across Lower Back & Legs/Sciatica area -Around Hips -On a Leg -Around an Arm for Carpal Tunnel or Tendinitis. Heating Pad Measures approx. 6″ x 18″ & made from Organic Flax. Portable & Reusable, this heating pad is the perfect size for travel. 🍃 🍃 🍃 🍃 🍃 Flax Hot Cold Pads are Great for Symptoms of 🍃Arthritis, Cramps, Neck & Back Pain, Stomach Aches, Sinus Issues, Tendinitis, Strains/Sprains, Sore Muscles, Migraines, Joint Pain, TMJ, Stress, Bursitis, and more. 🍃Flexible When Frozen, Microwaveable, Oven Safe, Gentle Cold, Relaxing Hot, Portable, Reusable. Designed by a Certified Personal Trainer & Acupuncturist/Herbalist. Detailed Instructions Included. 🍃Moist Flax Seed Heating Pads Relax Tight Muscles and Decrease Pain Caused by Muscle Tension &/or Spasms, Stiffness, & Cramps. No plugging in, no short-lived rice, no bursting gel packs, no plastic, no polyester. Using a Moist Heating Pad increases circulation promoting Faster Healing. People with Muscle Strains, Spasms, &/or Arthritis often benefit from treatment with moist Heating Pads. Flax Seed Hot/Cold Pads may be chilled for a soothing cold pack. Copy & Paste Link for Refill Inserts: https://www.amazon.com/Hand-Dyed-All-Purpose-Organic-Therapeutic-Compress/dp/B01JZ2FKG2?ref=hnd_dp_car_mba_3

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Microwaveable Heated Scarf Therapeutic Organic Flax Rice Heating Hot Cold Pad Pack