Cholesterol Moluccan Spinach – Dawn Dewa – Gynura – Edible Houseplant – 4″ Pot

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Finally a house plant that is an edible vegetable Use as a spinach substitute Prefers a window location Easy to grow, good to eat, and nutritious The starter plant you will receive is growing in a 4″ pot Dawn Dewa (Gynura nepalensis) is also called Moluccan spinach. There are other varieties of Gynura. This one is native to Nepal and related to Okinawa spinach. The leaves are entirely green and slightly rough. Propagate by cuttings (or seed if you can find it). Does well in good soil, in mostly sun to mostly shade. Grows year round, especially well in summer. Indonesians call Dawn Dewa “leaves of the gods”. It has been used traditionally in Asia for many illnesses, particularly diabetes and high cholesterol. The leaves can be eaten by themselves or in salads. Some like it cooked with butter, in stir-fries or in casseroles. As a house plant in cooler regions it prefers a window location with some sun. Trim the leaves as you need them. Cholesteral Spinach also makes and excellent and attractive patio plant, outside in the summer, indoors in the winter.

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Cholesterol Moluccan Spinach – Dawn Dewa – Gynura – Edible Houseplant – 4" Pot




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