Beamer Learns About Traumatic Brain Injury: The Beamer Book Series

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Come with Beamer and his best friend Kyle as they learn about Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) from Dr. Schreiber, who in real life is a Pediatric Neurologist, and from Olivia, who in real life has a TBI. Join them on their journey as they learn what a TBI is, and how to be good supportive friends for Olivia.
“ A special thanks to Olivia Lang and family, the authors, and contributors for sharing Olivia’s personal and inspirational story as a patient living with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). The narrative, as told through the compassionate eyes of Beamer, Kyle, and pediatric neurologist Dr. Schreiber, helps us to not only define and understand TBI and the resultant changes that take place within the brain, but illustrates how living with this type of injury affects children’s daily lives, school participation, and relationships. This Tell Me Town book serves as a reminder for us all to take the time to “walk in another’s shoes” such that we may embrace the challenges faced by TBI patients with a sense of knowledge and caring.”
Raquel Langdon, MD
Pediatric Neurologist, Co-Director of Pediatric Headache Center for Neurosciences and Behavioral Health, Children’s National Health System and Pediatric Specialists of Virginia
“ This book is an excellent story for anyone interested in learning more about the challenges facing children after experiencing a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Olivia’s story highlights the unique hurdles that kids with brain injuries may face in their school, home and community environments while simultaneously providing suggestions for ways that others can help. As a pediatric psychologist, I have seen first-hand the emotional, social, physical and cognitive changes associated with brain injuries. I am thrilled to now have this book as a resource for guiding children as they process their own experiences and prepare to talk with friends, peers, or teachers about the impact of their TBI. I especially love that the telling of this story is from the perspective of Beamer and his friend Kyle as it emphasizes the role of peers in helping others by showing compassion!”
Kendra Battaglia, PsyD
Director of Psychology Pediatric Specialists of VA
“ Beamer, Tell Me Town, and Cindy Chambers have created yet another fantastic book for children and families! By breaking down what a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is, discussing how people live with it, and how to be a good friend to someone with TBI, they demystify this very difficult condition. It explains TBI at a child’s level and what’s even more important is that it focuses on how people with TBI or any other condition can go to school, live life, and have friends, even if it looks, feels, or seems a little bit different. Having a disease or condition as a child can be extremely isolating. These stories show that children are not alone, and that we can embrace each other’s differences in a loving and supportive way.”
Jamie Gentille, MPH, CCLS
Director, Child Life Services Inova Children’s Hospital

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Beamer Learns About Traumatic Brain Injury: The Beamer Book Series


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